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The Artist Brad Faine at Frog and Mouse Picture Company
Faine’s works are visual conundrums, combining multi-layers of letters, numbers and images within a chequerboard format.  Often in response to current affairs, the compositions are packed with information challenging the viewer to unlock witty messages within the different layers of the work.

Born in 1945 in Brighton, Brad studied painting and The Artist Brad Faine at Frog and Mouse Picture Companyprintmaking at Leicester College of Art and Goldsmiths College, London.  He taught printmaking and lectured at numerous colleges before setting up his own screenprinting studio in 1973 - the now internationally acclaimed Coriander Studio. He has worked with many internationally recognised artists, including, Tom Phillips, Patrick Hughes, Sir Peter Blake and Damien Hurst, to create exciting silkscreen and digital editions.

A conceptual artist inspired as a student by Sydney Harry's research into colour phenomena. He has undertaken painting commissions and his work has been exhibited in many group shows.  This masterprint maker's work is highly collectable and affordable.

Brad discusses his work with Karen Sylvester at our Cank Street Gallery
and is photographed during a Q&A session with customers


To view Brad's complex images in more detail click on image to go to the print's details page and then click on the image again to reveal a bigger size which is easier to view.

Mere Daubers by Brad Faine
Mere Daubers signed original limited edition inkjet print by British contemporary artist Brad Faine.