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Danielle Vaughan

Danielle trained as a shoe designer at De Montfort University in Leicester and went on to work as a teacher before working full time at her own practice as a recycling artist.  

2016 has been amazing for Leicester and has been the inspiration for me to make a series of works of Leicester's places and faces.  

Working without paint, Danielle uses the simple technique of ripping and sticking found printed materials.  The torn and ragged edges of magazine print, fragments of different typefaces and surface patterns, are skilfully layered and counterpointed forming complex layers of tone and colour to create her 'painterly' compositions.  

Ask Danielle what excites her about her work and she points out the playful elements and hidden messages within the pictures.  The 'Singer' Sewing machine advert hidden in a pop star portrait, or, the names of fashion designers who do not use fur hidden in her fox study.