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Gillian Adair McFarland

Gillian is a Scottish artist who studied Fine Art at St Martin's.  Post graduation, she studied Art Therapy in Edinburgh and worked for fourteen years as a therapist in Scotland while developing her own practice. 

In 2013 Gillian moved with her family to Leicester.  Gillian is a member of LSA and has set up her studio in Maker's Yard in the Cultural Quarter of the City.  She is currently exploring the surface of materials.  Disturbed, punctured, printed upon, her paper takes on a sculptural quality, no longer a 2-dimensional surface.  The inkblots bring Rorschach's imagery to mind as the ink and puncture marks side by side create tension. 

"I explore notions of wearing out and holding together as the image becomes fragile and invitingly tactile.   We always treasure things most at the point we are about to lose them and in pushing grounds to their holding limits ideas about conservation and preservation emerge". . . says Gillian.